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Individual & Family Counseling

Individual counseling is offered to youth ages 5-21 and their families. Counseling services address but are not limited to emotional, behavioral, familial, and mental health issues that youth and their families are experiencing. Through a comprehensive mental health assessment, mental health professionals work with clients to develop individualized treatment plans meeting the specific needs of individuals and families.

Substance Abuse Treatment

An Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Program is provided for youth ages 11-21. The program is for adolescents who are at-risk for use, experimenting, or using/abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Mental health professionals provide services for intervention, assessment, treatment, referral, and aftercare. Services are also available for youth who have been impacted by familial substance abuse. Group counseling opportunities are provided in collaboration with local school districts for suspension reduction due to drug and alcohol related infractions.

DUI Risk Education Group and Treatment Services

Bremen Youth Services offers a risk education group and counseling for clients that require court mandated DUI services. The program is approved by the Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and facilitated by licensed and certified counselors. The program accommodates Minimal, Moderate, Significant and High Risk clients.  DUI Brochure.

Group Counseling

A holistic approach to discovering inner as well as outer peace in the lives of adolescent girls. The goals of the group focus on overcoming the negative impact of media influences, restoring a positive body image, self esteem enhancement interventions, as well as healthy nutrition and exercise options. This group strives to empower the minds and bodies of young women through education and interactive therapeutic interventions.

Social Skills Groups
For youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders or in need of enhancing social skills. The group assists youth in developing and enhancing proficiency in social situations. Through fun, interactive activities youth are able to practice and expand communication skills. The group provides a fun and safe environment to increase socialization while building friendships. Next group cycle begins October 29. Click here for more info.

STEP Parenting Group 
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting provides an eight week curriculum including discussions, multi-media learning, professional guidance, and parent peer support to enhance essential parenting skills.

Dealing with Divorce
This group will educate children and adolescents on ways to cope with their parent’s divorce or separation.  It will also assist group members in making a healthy adjustment in their life given the family changes. This group will focus on understanding and accepting one’s feelings, increasing self-esteem, and building relationships with others experiencing the same situation.

Coping with Grief
This group will educate adolescents on ways to cope with loss. It will focus on understanding the grief cycle, accepting one’s feelings, increasing self-esteem, and building relationships with others experiencing similar losses.

Service Initiation and Payment

If interested in receiving services, please contact the agency to complete an initial intake. Once the intake process is complete, appropriate program/service referrals will be provided. Fee for services is based on a sliding scale fee.

Expressive Therapy Groups with Social Skills

Create, Connect, Cope

Uses art, movement, and music to assist children in learning healthy and creative coping skills to deal effectively with anger, boredom, anxiety, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Although this group targets youth with ADHD and anxiety, a diagnosis is not necessary and any elementary school-aged child in need of learning alternative coping skills will benefit. More info.

Teen Connect
Uses art, movement, and music to help adolescents increase self esteem, build relationships, improve communication skills, and learn alternative coping skills to deal effectively with various life stressors. The group provides a fun, creative, and safe environment for adolescents to express themselves and receive peer support.
Middle school-aged adolescents: More info.
High school-aged adolescents: More info.

Transitions Group

Bremen Youth Services is offering three separate Transitions Group to help youth develop increased self-awareness and tools to enhance their success in a new academic setting at the middle school, high school, and college levels. Through fun and interactive activities youth are able to practice and expand time management, organization, communication skills, healthy relationships & self-advocacy. The group provides a fun and safe environment for youth to increase academic success while building friendships. More info.

Prevention Services

Youth prevention education services are provided to local school districts in the community.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Through an interactive, state-approved curriculum youth learn life skills and receive education in order to reduce their potential to use and abuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Education
Through this program youth receive information to increase their knowledge of STDs/HIV with an overall goal to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy.

Part of our funding allows us to go into local schools and provide state-approved prevention curriculum to restricted areas. However, we may be able to execute your needs if your district is not in the catchment area of our funding.  Please contact us for more information.

Summer Program

Summer Program is a 7 week day camp for youth ages 5–12 years old. The program is designed for learning, growing, and having FUN! Through recreational outdoor activities youth are provided with healthy alternatives for summer fun. A summer program is also offered at our satellite location at the Robbins Community Center.